Galore International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

Case Report

Year: 2019 | Month: January-March | Volume: 4 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 33-36

A Case Report on Maladaptive Daydreaming

Dr Preethi Rebello1, Dr Karthika Johnson2, Dr Priyanka D’Souza2, Dr Pavithra P Rao3, Ms. S Malarmathi4

1Senior Resident, 2Post Graduate Resident, 3Assistant Professor, 4Clinical Psychologist,
Department of Psychiatry, Father Muller Medical College, Kankanady, Mangalore – 575002, Karnataka.

Corresponding Author: Dr Preethi Rebello


Maladaptive Daydreaming (MD) is an under researched mental health disorder. It does not have a diagnostic criterion of its own. Most of the studies are based on individuals who self identify themselves as having MD. Some studies have termed MD as a type of Behavioral addiction disorder. It is characterized by absorption in fantasy for several hours a day, this replaces human interaction and causes socio-occupational impairment. Studies have reported this disorder to have comorbid Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), Dissociative disorders and Anxiety disorders including certain other Obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders. This case report is one of the few case reports of a patient who presented for consultation at a Psychiatry outpatient department for problems with his socio-occupational functions due to Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Key words: Maladaptive Day dreaming, Social Anxiety Disorder, Comorbidity

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