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Galore International Journal of Health Sciences and Research
Vol. 4; Issue: 1 (January-March 2019)

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1. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on “Focused Antenatal Care”, among Primi Mothers Attending Antenatal Outpatient Department, of a Selected Hospital, Bangalore, India.

Marie-Louise Mukamana
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2. Profile of Neonatal Mortality in SNCU District Hospital.

Dr. Komal Uppal, Dr. Neetika Ashwani, Dr. Khader Jeelani, Dr. Prabhakar K, Dr. Damera Yadaiah
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3. Hearing Outcome Following Myringoplasty for CSOM: A Study of 60 Patients.

Dr. Anita Atal, Dr. Ankit Goyal, Dr. Bharti Solanki
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4. Evaluation of Clinically Significant Cervical Lymph Node Using Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Approach.

Dr. Brajkishore Pandey
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5. Progesterone Regulates Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, Malondialdehyde and Cholinesterase Activities in Trimethyltin-Induced Hippocampal Damage in Adult Male Wistar Rats.

Okesina A.A, Ajao M.S, Tagoe C.N.B, Mesole S. B, Bello T.O, Okeniran O.S, Olalekan O.E
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6. Study of Pre-Analytical Errors in a Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory: The Hidden Flaws in Total Testing.

Dr. Sushma Bhopalam Jagannatha, Dr. Shrikant Chandrakar
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7. A Case Report on Maladaptive Daydreaming.

Dr Preethi Rebello, Dr Karthika Johnson, Dr Priyanka D’Souza, Dr Pavithra P Rao, Ms. S Malarmathi
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8. Successful 15 Weeks Pregnancy-Preserving Myomectomy in a 35 Years Old Primigravida Presenting a Red Degeneration of Anterior Intramural Corporeal Fibroid and Live Birth at Term: Case Report.

A. Gakwavu, Emmanuel MbonuOsuagwu, J.D. Rukamba, F. Habineza, T. Nizeyimana, J. A.C.Mukeshimana, C.Mukamana, E.Habumuremyi, L. Mukamana Marie
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